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Who I think I am

Hi! I am Jeanne, a French visual designer, illustrator and art director currently living in San Luis Obispo, California.

My name is difficult to pronounce in English, so I go by Jane or Djeannie, it’s confusing for everybody. I don’t dream in a specific language but I do talk to myself in both French and English, which is also confusing. It goes something like this «Chais pas if I want this book, le résumé doesn’t make any sense».

I started freelance because my office life made me rather depressed and anxious (things I only really discovered after I left!) but the main reason was to be able to travel more. When not in California or France, I spend my time traveling the US and Canada in my old VW Vanagon.

I am clumsy as hell; I laugh and dance a lot by myself and I love dad jokes. I am a terrible storyteller though so I don’t repeat them often.

What I bring to the table

Thanks to professional experiences in both print and digital industries, I am able to work on a wide range of projects from packaging to web design and branding. I’ve helped entrepreneurs jump in with their new businesses but also well-established companies find new visual solutions to accompany them in their growth.

Why the hell am I doing it?

Design has a direct impact on people’s lives and every detail communicates something. Though I most likely won't change the world with my work, I hope to create respectful and meaningful designs with a positive imprint.

As Ingrid Fetell Lee puts it: "With each act of design, we are pulling resources out of the earth and concentrating them in objects. Design is what determines whether those objects have value or meaning, whether they support our intentions for how we want to live."

I worked with Jeanne to create my logo and business card. She was responsive, involved, accurate in her proposals and a good listener - in short, very professional! I experienced the process as a collaboration: she answered my requests and was very involved in the project, regularly offering new ideas that she considered interesting, which very often turned out relevant to me.
— Constance Sinapi, founder of Massage Bien-être & Reiki



Gain trust through a thoughtfuly designed and cohesive visual system.



Drive engagement with handmade or digital custom illustrations.


Web Design

Inspire brand loyalty with an ergonomic and user-friendly website.

During our collaborations with Jeanne Carlier, creating either marketing material or album covers, we really appreciated her focused research to fulfill our needs. In addition, her proposals for our new publishing line, Cezame Original Scores, were very useful to us.
— Frédéric Leibovitz, CEO of Cézame Music Agency

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